Perfect for a small or medium sized home with alternate heating and hot water.
This system package comes with everything you need for providing 4KW of continuous 240V AC power.

The system collects electricity from the 3000W solar panel array and converts it to 240V AC which is fed into your switchboard for use with your appliances. Excess power goes to charge up your battery bank. At night it takes the power from your batteries and uses that to keep you in fully powered comfort. This system can connect to a generator/mains to charge your battery bank and provide AC to your home with auto generator start.

Package contains:

1 x 4kW IPS (Integrated Power System. Parallel capable for up to 6 x 4kW !!!) that features a 60A charge controller, 4kW pure sine wave inverter and a 60A (adjustable) AC charger.

12 x 250 W Suntellite Polycrystalline Solar Panels providing 3000W total maximum output.

4 x Three panel corrugated iron roof mounting kits. Tile roof mounting systems, angled roof and ground mounting systems available.

8m of twin 6mm solar cable.

10m of 4mm earth cable.

8 x Crown 430Ah 6V deep cycle batteries totalling 48V providing 6 kWh (can provide more at the expense of battery life) this battery bank can be upgraded to sealed, AGM, gel, carbon or lithium ion  to increase capacity and battery life.

7 x Battery series connector cables

2 x Inverter leads

1 x RCD breaker

1 x Solar Panel DC breaker/disconnect switch

1 x Battery DC Breaker/disconnect switch

12 Month warranty on batteries, 2 Year warranty on IPS and 25 year 80% power output warranty on panels.

System complies with all relevant standards including the new IEC 62109 regulations

If more power is required additional IPS units can be added in parallel each unit adding another 4kw of continuous power capacity and the ability to have another Battery Bank and Solar Array.

Optional extras:

Panel Mount Upgrade
Battery upgrades
Increased cable length/diameter
48V to 12V converter for powering 12V lights/pumps etc
Remote Monitor for IPS

Output Voltage 240V
Power 250W x 12

4kW Complete Off Grid Solar Power System

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