90 Watt Folding Solar Battery Charger
This is a great package that comes ready to use. Simply attach the alligator clips to a 12v or 24v battery.
Ideal for keeping your boat, tractor, electric fence, camping, car batteries and caravan batteries fully charged. With the added bonus of a 5v USB charger for charging cell phones, tablets etc. And a 12v DC output for lighting etc. 
Once connected to a 12v battery, the panel will begin to charge your battery to the correct voltage. This system folds away for easy transport and storage.

If you are looking for a battery to go with this charger we recommend the Vision 6FM55

Charge Controller
Nominal System Voltage 12V or 24V
Output Current 5A Max
Control Mode PWM
Current 90W
Voltage 35V Max Power 43V Open Circuit
Construction Polycrystalline

90 Watt Folding Solar Panel System

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